Thursday, November 10, 2005

Problem-Free Linux Day, Not Possible

In the process of getting our new Dell servers up and running, I have ran into a few problems. Firstly, I could not get the kernel to see my RAID. Well, that turns out to be a really simple fix: Configure the RAID first. Everything went fine and dandy from that point on. The Windows 2003 Server went smoothly without one problem. No I am not giving credit to Microsoft ;) Due to my limitation in power cords, I shut down the first Linux server and got the 4400 Linux server going, but am right now running into a few problems. When Debian installs the kernel files it works fine over the network. But breaks with the base package downloads. Then I find another power cord and boot up the first Linux server I took offline. Now it won't boot. Geez. By the way, as you can tell I have no naming conventions for these servers yet, but you just wait. That is coming soon. Tonight I am going to be helping a friend install Windows XP Pro x64 Edition for his new 64-bit server he built. Should be cool. Alrighty, I am out. I'll post an update later on.

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