Thursday, November 10, 2005

Automatic Playlist of Music You Like!

I often find myself visiting digg for all my news stories. I still check out /. from time to time, but mostly digg. Today I came across something really good. Go check out Pandora, if you haven't already. Basically what you do is type in your favorite artist and based on the kind of music they play, it will create a playlist of stuff you might also like. Contrary to what you might expect, it actually works. I found several artist, even ones I have heard before and didn't like, but it found songs I would like from them. It worked really well. A definite digg and something to check out. Besides that not too much going on tonight. As I mentioned earlier, I am heading to Fort Collins tomorrow. Looks like tomorrow my time will be spent working a little more on the new servers and need to catch up with some final belly stuff.

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