Monday, December 31, 2007

Blog Moved

To let everyone know, I have moved my blog. My new blog is at Be sure to update your bookmarks for those who bookmarked this site. Which should be about none of you ;)

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Blog Update

I am getting very close to finishing the Python/Blogger script. I have much tweaking to do, but the major parts of the code is complete and have been tested. As I wrote this code I figured it would not be too difficult to move some things around and make it more general purpose. It would essentially be a tool for Blogger from the command line. The templates that Blogger lets you select from are getting too boring. They have pretty much been the same for the past three years. As some of you may not know, my last post before my previous one here was almost three years ago. I used WordPress for those years and now I am moving back to Blogger. I will just have to sit down one day or night and write my own template that works best for me.

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Back and Blogging

I am back online and blogging again. I have not yet pointed to here yet, but will be doing so shortly. I used to have a WordPress blog hosted on a dedicated virtual machine, but it was beginning to be too expensive for me. I had a dedicated server not because I needed the power, but to give myself the ability to do many different things. Now that time is over and I am just going to Blogger. I want to spend more time working on content and not managing the blog. I have a bunch of good stuff I am doing with Django and Cherokee. My first task is to get this blog to display code with pretty syntax highlighting. I am looking into hook Blogger with TextMate and using a custom bundle through Python to do the rendering of the text and posting here automatically. I will post soon on my discoveries.

Monday, November 14, 2005

Feeling Crappy

This past weekend I came down sick with a cold. It has been taking pretty much everything out of me. Taking a day off work to rest. Be sides being sick, Friday in Fort Collins was an absolute awesome night. I was able to catch up with some old high school friends. Very fun time. Well, off to resting.

Friday, November 11, 2005

Up and Running

I have successfully setup the two 4400 on our network and running Windows 2003 Server and Debian. I am currently working on some software that makes it easy for our developers to setup test sites and other neat things from an administrative panel on the server. I am leaving for Fort Collins in about an hour. I will have my cell available for those of you who need to get in touch with me.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Automatic Playlist of Music You Like!

I often find myself visiting digg for all my news stories. I still check out /. from time to time, but mostly digg. Today I came across something really good. Go check out Pandora, if you haven't already. Basically what you do is type in your favorite artist and based on the kind of music they play, it will create a playlist of stuff you might also like. Contrary to what you might expect, it actually works. I found several artist, even ones I have heard before and didn't like, but it found songs I would like from them. It worked really well. A definite digg and something to check out. Besides that not too much going on tonight. As I mentioned earlier, I am heading to Fort Collins tomorrow. Looks like tomorrow my time will be spent working a little more on the new servers and need to catch up with some final belly stuff.

Problem-Free Linux Day, Not Possible

In the process of getting our new Dell servers up and running, I have ran into a few problems. Firstly, I could not get the kernel to see my RAID. Well, that turns out to be a really simple fix: Configure the RAID first. Everything went fine and dandy from that point on. The Windows 2003 Server went smoothly without one problem. No I am not giving credit to Microsoft ;) Due to my limitation in power cords, I shut down the first Linux server and got the 4400 Linux server going, but am right now running into a few problems. When Debian installs the kernel files it works fine over the network. But breaks with the base package downloads. Then I find another power cord and boot up the first Linux server I took offline. Now it won't boot. Geez. By the way, as you can tell I have no naming conventions for these servers yet, but you just wait. That is coming soon. Tonight I am going to be helping a friend install Windows XP Pro x64 Edition for his new 64-bit server he built. Should be cool. Alrighty, I am out. I'll post an update later on.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005


I really do like the idea of naming posts, but at times they can just get in the way. Therefore, I have titled this post, "Untitled". Perhaps I could have named it something dealing with post titles, but this is more unoriginal. Not much went on today other than moving servers around. It looks like installing an operating system on these new Dell servers will be quite a pain. I am looking forward to learning more about SCSI and other various hardware in these systems, but it will bring nightmares of compiling Linux kernels and device drivers. Oh my! This weekend is looking to be a good one. I am heading up to Fort Collins to visit my friends attending CSU. Always a great time and this one shouldn't prove otherwise.